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When your Packaging Equipment Breaks Down,
Cantwell-Cleary Makes It Right.

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It is never a good time for your equipment to break down. Resolving production disruptions and getting you back to business is what we do best. The Cantwell-Cleary Service Team provides on and off-site service and repair to companies in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and surrounding areas. We partner with hundreds of manufacturers of new and used packaging equipment and have the expertise and relationships which allow us to be your most competitive solution for new and used packaging equipment. In addition, our experienced service team has over 50 years of mechanical packaging experience, which allows for diverse service solutions, repairing your equipment economically and minimizing equipment down time. We also stock thousands of parts from a variety of different manufacturers, eliminating the need for long order periods. Count on the professionals at Cantwell-Cleary to get you back to business.

We proudly sell, install and service equipment from these top manufacturers.

  • A.P.M.(All Packaging Machinery)
  • Ampak
  • Arpac
  • Axon
  • Bestpack/BPX
  • Better Packages
  • Clamco
  • Conflex
  • Cousins
  • Eagle/Berran
  • Eastey
  • Engage Technologies
  • Green Bridge Strapping
  • Heat Seal
  • ID Technology
  • Instapak
  • Intertape Polymer
  • KPC Master's Craft
  • Loveshaw/Little David
  • MK North Amer.
  • nVenia/Duravant Co.
  • Ovalstrap
  • PAC Machinery
  • PAC Strapping
  • Packaging Aids
  • Polychem
  • Pro Mach
  • RanPak
  • Roach
  • Samuel Packaging
  • Sealair
  • Shanklin
  • Signode Industrial Group
  • SMI Pack USA
  • Storpack
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Prevent Break Downs Before They Happen.

  • Cost Savings
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Reliability
  • Lengthen Lifespan
  • Decrease Unplanned Downtime
  • Reduce Production Disruptions
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If your packaging machinery doesn't receive scheduled maintenance, it will experience unexpected breakdowns, create unwanted machine downtime, and cause production disruptions. With our Scheduled Maintenance Program, an experienced Cantwell-Cleary Service Technician will perform a service maintenance inspection twice a year. They will clean, lubricate, check temperature and gauges, and identify any underlying potential issues with your equipment. Whether you have a brand-new machine or one several years old, the Cantwell-Cleary Scheduled Service Maintenance Program will keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency and will reduce those unwanted breakdowns. Custom-designed Preventative Maintenance Programs are also available.

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