Storopack AIRplus® Excel System

Storopack AIRplus® Excel System


  • Fast, compact, portable and extremely easy to operate. With their small footprint and large production capacities, they fit into any packaging environment.
  • 18" W x 15" D x 22" H; Weight: 42 lb.
  • Speed: 45 feet per minute
  • Power Supply: 120 volt, 2 amps; Air Supply: Ambient
Manufacturers Item #EX-001

AIRplus® air pillows can be created on-demand, minimizing inventory and storage requirements, or produced in batches and fed to packing stations through a Storopack designed dispensing system.

One Excel machine can produce AIRplus[R] pillows that are conveyed through a Storopack overhead dispensing system to multiple packing stations.

Automatically initiates AIRplus[R] production when inventory drops below a certain level using a built-in photoeye that continually checks bag accumulation.