Our Automation Department specializes in designing machinery customized for process automation. We have the capability to design, program, and automate your packaging system requirements to make your facility operate smoothly and efficiently.

We also offer onsite evaluations and have two convenient office locations in Elkridge, MD and Richmond, VA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you increase your profitability and streamline your operation for maximum efficiency.

High-speed Labeler

This machine attaches shipping labels and scans packages efficiently and in record time; its highest speed is 140 labels per minute.

Product Specifications

Automatic Sorter

Each box is scanned and sorted according to its destination.

Carton Gluer Closer/Glue-Close Machine: Customizable machine that glue-seals product packaging utilizing multi-lanes for loading open boxes, and a conveyor belt for application of glue and sealing of panels.

Product Specifications

Bubble Sheet Inserter

This machine cuts sheets of bubble wrap to size and places them individually in boxes as they travel down a conveyor belt.

The output speed on these machines can be adjusted to accommodate your business needs.

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Product Specifications